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Asif Ahmed Neloy is a Lecturer at the Vancouver Island University. Asif is a Business & Data Science professional specializing in Machine Learning, passionate about uncovering insights from complex data. With a Master of Science degree in Computer Science from the University of Manitoba, Asif has extensive experience in machine learning tools, including data structures, clustering and classification, natural language processing, and unravelling business decisions.

Asif's multidisciplinary research area encompasses a broad domain of Supervised and Unsupervised Machine Learning. He is particularly interested in problems related to Probabilistic and Bayesian Modeling, Anomaly Detection, Dimension Reduction, and interdisciplinary applications of Auto-Encoders. Currently, Asif is working on modelling Auto-Encoders and algorithms related to Variational and Gaussian modelling . Part of his research focuses on Statistical interpretation and visualization of Unsupervised Machine Learning algorithms for dimension reduction and anomaly detection. Also, Asif is designing interactive Python packages for Data Engineering, such as Data Cleaning, Data Visualization, Model Interpretation, Selecting Data Scalers, and Statistical Analysis. Some of his Python Packages can be found here.

Quick Overview of Asif's Works and Careers:

  • More than two years experience in Academic Teaching, three years experience in Data Analytics, Data Science, Statistical Analysis, Fundamental Machine Learning and Business Analytics
  • Recent Open source contributions: DataScalerSelector, ImagetoSketch and Data Preparer (On-Progress)
  • Faculty of Graduate Studies Prestigious Research Completion Scholarship valued by the Faculty of Graduate Study, the University of Manitoba, for excellence in graduate studies and research
  • Writer of the robotics book, "Let's Make Robots," Publisher: Pinnacle Media, Publishing Year: November 2017.
  • Founding Secretary(2017) and later Vice-Chair(2018), NSU ACM Student Chapter, The First Student Chapter Of The Association For Computing Machineries In Bangladesh

Recent News and Updates

  • [August 2023] Started my new journey as a Faculty Member, at the Vancouver Island University.
  • [May 2023] Promoted to Senior ML Engineer, Forum Inc
  • [February 2023] Lastest Published Conference Paper - Feature Extraction and Prediction of Combined Text and Survey Data using Two-Staged Modeling
  • [January 2023] My Msc dissertation, Dimension Reduction and Anomaly Detection using Unsupervised Machine is now online
  • [December 2022] Successfully defended my MSc thesis.
  • [November 2022] Manuscript in Preparation - A Comprehensive Study of Auto-Encoders for Anomaly Detection: Efficiency and Trade-Offs
  • [November 2022] Guest Lecture, Introduction to Python and Numpy, STAT-447: Statistical Machine Learning for Data Science, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Saskatchewan
  • [September 2022] Received Graduate Travel Award from University of Manitoba, NSERC CREATE VADA Program

Open Availability

Currently open for roles including Instructor/Lecturer, ML-DS Engineer, Data and Business Analyst.