Asif Ahmed is an MSc student at the University of Manitoba. Before attending to UofM, Asif received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science and Engineering (BS CSE) from North South University, Dhaka, Bangladesh (considered as the best private University in Bangladesh). Currently, Asif Ahmed is serving as Teaching Assistant and Marker at the Dept of Computer Science, University of Manitoba. Aside from serving at the UofM Dimension Reduction Lab, he is also working as a Graduate Trainee at the NSERC Create The Visual and Automated Disease Analytics (VADA) Program.
Asif's multidisciplinary research area encompasses a broad domain of Supervised and Unsupervised Machine Learning. He is particularly interested in problems related to Probabilistic and Bayesian Modeling, Anomaly Detection, Dimension Reduction, and interdisciplinary applications of Auto-Encoders. Currently, Asif is working on the topic of Auto-Encoder and different algorithms related to Variational and Gaussian modeling. Part of my research focuses on Statistical interpretation and Visulaliztion of Unsupervised Machine Learning algorithms. Also, he is designing interactive python packages for Data Engineering, such as Data Cleaning, Data Visualization, Model Interpretation, Selecting Data Scalers, and Statistical Analysis. Some of his Python Packages can be found here. Previously, as a part of the academy, Asif served as a Lab Instructor, Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA) and Undergraduate Teaching Assistant (UGA) at the Dept of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE), North South University. For his contribution towards NSU ACM Student Chapter as a Founding Secretary and later Vice Chair, he received the prestigious Service of Recognition award from ACM. Along with Academia, as a part of Advanced Chemical Industries Limited (ACI), a leading Industrial brand of Bangladesh, Asif serviced on a role of Information Analyst at the MIS dept for more than a year.

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